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Jazba is a vibrant new restaurant from the team behind Junoon, the trailblazing Indian restaurant in Flatiron New York.

Jazba is a tribute and celebration of India's famous eateries. It is our take on some of the iconic dishes which are over a century old. Integral to India’s culinary identity, these are diverse eateries of rich historical, cultural, and religious significance, that typically serve a single specialty dish until sold out for the day.

Our menu is inspired by  the soul & diversity of these eateries’ strong connection to the roots that run deep across the country, bringing India’s beloved everyday dining culture to the heart of East Village. 

Food Tales

Regional cuisine is the soul of Indian culinary landscape. It is influenced by location, culture, religion, and availability.

The eateries in India present a way to understand everyday Indian food culture. They serve soulful food which breaks the barrier of  social and financial standing. These dishes are no fuss, quick serve, and very flavorful. 

Our menu is inspired by the iconic dishes which reflect the “forgotten flavours “of India and it’s not just about food, but a menu that strokes a heady mix of emotions, nostalgia, and childhood memories.

Mixology Saga

The cocktail program has been curated and executed by award-winning mixologist Hemant Pathak, who primarily draws inspiration from India's spices. 

At Jazba, Hemant serves up inventive takes on classic cocktails, driven by India's bold and diverse flavors. The cocktail program offers familiar flavor profiles infused with unexpected sweet, smoky and savory elements from distinct Indian ingredients, such as Chikmagalur coffee, Banarasi Paan, Peepli Pepper from Meghalaya and more.